Steamroller 24 obstruction placement (cheat-sheet)

With asymmetrical objective and choosing of board side by second player, I was struggling to place obstruction terrain for a warmachine steamroller event on table. As you would like to minimize intervention on terrain as obectives are under an obstruction but still have to count on asymmetry it was a bit of an headhache… but I still wanted to be able to play with terrain elements:

I made some kind of cheat-sheet that might help event organizers. First, I made an overlay of all objectives of all six scenarios. I added limitation for deploy zones and I added the mirror objectives due to asymmetry:

I then tried to place 3x6 obstruction element where I could:

(leaving a bit more space in the left/right side as more moving scenario elements there).

If you follow this placement, you should be able to place obstruction terrain on your table without having to move them after rolling for scenario or changing scenario during tournaments. I hope it helps.



That’s an amazing bit of work there!

Very cool! I feel like a neoprene mat with all the objective positions as shown in that image subtly marked would be a very convenient way to make placing terrain easy.

Thanks! I realize I did not mention that I made this sheet before the last SR update for scenario 6. One objective might be wrong.


huh! thats pretty neat!

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