Squad and attachments rules question

Rule question for @DarkLegacy or @PPSMrSoles

If you have a relikon that is charged, but all talon model in that squad have been destroyed, does that relikon still have the Rites of Shadow rule (it is on the talon’s card).

The rulebook does not appear to have a clear answer, though the Squad Attachments rule seems to indicate it may be Yes?

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As follow-up, this was answered on FB. Reply for documentary purposes and later find-ability.

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Rites of Shadow does not specify that it applies only to Talon models in the squad. Ergo, it applies to the Relikon, too.

According to the rules you quoted, squad attachments are not considered individual units, ergo, it’s part of the same unit as the squad. Does the squad cease to be a squad (or does it cease to be a Talons squad) if all Talon models have been destroyed?

  • If yes, this means that you cannot e.g. return models to the squad. It also means that you could redeploy the squad because it’s no longer on the table. Also, could you still target the model with squad Cyphers? Is the surviving attachment a unit?
  • If no, then the rules that apply to the entire squad should keep affecting the only remaining member, ie. the attachment.

In this case, I’m afraid I have to disagree with Travis, and I hope this question can be addressed with further consideration to all implications of the answer.


Well, we know the attachment is part of the squad. So while the attachment is on the table, it is still that squad.

That much is clear. :slight_smile: