Spells and physical models

I have started to notice that several spell casters are posed with two fingers fully extended. I assume this is to represent casting a spell.

Where can I find the lore details around this? Why does it appear to be the same two fingers? Does this mean all spell casting is based on physical gesturing components vs verbal components. Do casters not us reagents or focusing item of some sort in the iron kingdoms universe?

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Casters in Warmachine fiction have been depicted as casting in a wide variety of ways.

Karchev, for example, can (could?) manifest spells despite being confined to a life-support box and having no functional limbs beside his head.

Physical model poses are purely “rule of cool.” :slight_smile:


Spellcasting in the IK is based around memorizing rune combinations which then manifest around the spellcaster when they focus on the spell. I’ve never seen anything in the lore describing anything specific beyond that for normal arcane spellcasting. There are ritual spells that people not born with the Gift might use to gain power by way of, for example, making sacrifices to Infernals.

I think those models you’re referring to are likely just posed in a way to suggest the idea of spellcasting to us in the real world since they don’t model the rune circles on the sculpts.


Thank you both for your quick responses as always.

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In the various lore bits, spellcasters may utter magic words or make hand gestures, but those are more akin to personal mnemonics that assist the caster in recalling the runes. Of course, as warcasters train new warcasters, and arcanists train arcanists, some of these mnemonics may be “inherited” by the student.

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That’s true too.

There’s also some bits of inconsistency or vagueness when it comes to spellcasters who just kinda invent or naturally cast spells like Caine’s teleport that he has able to cast at least since his teens without any training. Some of the feats that are magical (as opposed to feats that represent things like planning or equipment) also aren’t described as spells someone can just learn and often don’t seem to manifest runes when used. Again Caine is a clear example here because he’s one of the few characters who has multiple novellas and novels about him, but both Caine 1 and Caine 2’s feats are shown in the narrative as just things that he can do that are clearly magical but don’t involved casting a spell the same way he’s described to cast Snipe for example.

Basically the rules aren’t suuuper strict when it comes to “things people can do with magic” lol.