Sorcerers in Requiem?

In Borderlands and Beyond, under the Sorcerer section, it mentions Sorcerers being elementally-aligned, and to check out the Sorcerer options in the main Requiem book. But, the Requiem book doesn’t have any options for Sorcerers, let alone elementally-themed. Am I missing something? Do I just use a regular 5E Sorcerer class?

Hm, sounds like you need to come up with the elemental theme on your own then… which will then depend on how much you actually stick with it yourself, or whether your GM enforces it.

Yeah. The 5e sorcerer is what you use. I did see that the new Into The Deep Wilds book will feature two new subclasses for them

I’m not really familiar with 5e, only having played a game once (with what felt to me like some homebrew or mod added in, so I’m not 100% sure how authentic the experience was), but maybe sticking to an elemental theme for a sorcerer could be encouraged by adding some feats similar to the Elemental Mastery ability in FMF, i.e. spells of the elemental list become more powerful for those who have the feat (e.g. a 5e Elemental Mastery feat could increase effective caster level by 1 when casting spells from the element the Mastery feat represents (and you can only have one feat of this type, so there are no multiple elemental masteries), with maybe an added class feature or feat of Elemental Specialisation that adds a similar or different bonus (e.g. an additional spell slot for each spell level) as long as the sorcerer only knows spells that are connected to one element (some work would be needed to assign some spells elemental affinities that aren’t in the 5e rules, e.g. a Haste spell would probably have Storm affinity when going from the FMF rules, and a spell that increases ARM or DR would have Earth affinity)).

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