Some Concept Art

Hi Folks!

I’ve been doing concept art for Privateer Press these days and thought it might be fun to share some of it here with you all. Hope you enjoy it!

I’m definitely super excited to see what all the amazing hobbyists in the Privateer Press community come up with for paint work on this stuff! It’s incredibly exciting to me to see what you all do with these!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I’m happy to answer if I’m able. Big thanks also to @MattWilson for being such an awesome art director for these!

There’s a lot more stuff to share as well, as more things get announced!




I love seeing these here! Great work!


Thanks! Glad you like them!

This are great! :smiley: I’ve always loved seeing the art process on how things go from concept to final form.

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Great! I love to see artwork, specially from PP’s games.

it’s also extra useful so you can play with it and check colour schemes :wink:

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I never thought of using these to test color schemes, that’s pretty clever!

Here’s another Concept I worked on.


Alexia is one or the best designs of Mk4 so far, absolutely badass work

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Awesome! Thanks so much! Glad you liked Alexia!

I just got my comps for Alexia (and the other mercenaries) and I’m blown away by the sculpts! I can’t wait until I have some time to sit and paint them up.

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Awesome thread! Any chance of seeing more of the design process (thumbnails or other earlier stages you do)? I love the more gestural sketches in the corner of the Alexia art, for example.

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So the little gesture drawings on these are actually for the pose for the minis.

I have started saving my time lapse stuff in procreate, so eventually (once stuff is announced and I can share) I’ll post some time lapse stuff (either here or on YouTube if we can’t do video here).

I’ll check and see if there are any of the under drawing layers left on some of these though. It’s an iterative process so as we kinda simultaneously tighten the drawing up as well as refine the concept.


Here’s another Mercenary concept. I really like this guy!


Star Princess Ares is so cute I had to buy one even though I don’t play MonPoc. I love Alexia4 too - Alexia has always been the iconic character for Iron Kingdoms, and all of her incarnations have been true to her character even though they’re very different.

The Cygnar sniper is a really cool design, too. Am I correct in assuming that it draws inspiration from Overwatch’s Ana? A friend of mine who is a fan of Ana became an immediate fan of this model, so I had little choice but to give mine to him even though she looks like she would’ve been a joy to paint.

Thanks Kapoteeni, Glad you like them!

Alexia and the Star Princess are two of my favorites for sure! I definitely plan to paint up my Alexia one I get a chance!

The Cygnar Sniper was really just a design based on the Concept Art from the standard Cygnar Sniper, that I adapted to be female. That was actually the Brief (Take this and make a female version).

I’m not very familiar with Overwatch since I’m a fighting game guy (Primarily Street Fighter and Guilty Gear), but I’m glad your friend is digging the model!

Here’s another one I’ve worked on. We were looking for something pretty weird and other works there and I think we accomplished that here. I like this creature and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing images of what people do with it with paint!

One of the most exciting things in all this for me is seeing all the awesome paint work the community does on stuff I’ve worked on!


I love being able to come back and see these here