Shrine of the lawgiver

I am new to war machine. I see shrine of the lawgiver brings back med size models, so I’m thinking of bringing bastions with a seneschal, that way when they come back to life, they heal an extra box each. What do you guys think?

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Tbh it doesnt seem like bad tech at all. They wont be able to attack that turn but bringing back 3 powerful models a turn seems great. Unfortunately if you do that your offense wont be all thatgreat because you wont have the souls to buy shots or boost.

Its a tradeoff, but it seems pretty valuable for a cheap model.


One way to get more souls is the Reclaimer. He can give your shrine souls after it has returned some models before it fights. But there only so many souls to go around.


I also see hand of silence for directing souls to the shrine.

Certainly him and a reclaimer lets you not waste souls.

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The tactic was to bring Cinerators to take advantage of the vengeance move and attack at the start of the turn. I haven’t done a deep dive but I believe it still works. Just use soul tokens to bring back Cinerators immediately before vengeance triggers


That is pretty good too, since it allows them to move and attack still. But they only come back with one box. I like the bastions because if you have a seneschal they come back with effectively 2 boxes each and sanguine bond to share the love of they do start taking damage. Cyrenia can use the battle plan to give them reposition, ensuring they activate to get the boxes and start movement. Plus with set defense to reduce charging efficiency, and defensive strike if something comes charging in they can hit back.