Share your game night pictures!

I thought it would be fun to share photos from your various game nights. Doesn’t matter if it’s d20, d6, or 5e. Heck, maybe you decided you wanted to play Iron Kingdoms using some other system!

Share the fun!


Starting a new character for our 7th(!) Iron Kingdoms d6 campaign since 2012. The GM is having us start at 100, and has affectionately referred to this one as “the bug wars.” I don’t think we’re going to be doing massive socio-religious-political epics this go around. Rather, it’s going to be high level monster hunting.


Tonight was the first game of the Aradus War/Bug Hunters game. I remade my old Allegiant/Cutthroat, but made him /alchemist rather than /mechanic this time. We ended up having a battle on a narrow path between two lakes, and these war beast size snails attacked us while trying to cross.

Doing 19 points of damage (2d6 + 1d6 Mighty + 1d6 Hardened Strike + 1d6 Charge boost + 1d6 backstab) after ARM was pretty awesome :sunglasses:


Since our sessions are via webcam, with our players scattered across two countries and four different locations, our game session picture would be a screenshot of four camera pictures. However, the following picture is an image of how we run combats using a map prepared in inkscape:

The big advantage is that, because of the sandboxy style the campaign is going, it’s hard to predict where fights are going to take place, and who is going to be involved, and these maps are really quick and easy to make at a moment’s notice (the hex grind and numbered markers have been prepared beforehand by my brother, who uses inkscape a lot).

The disadvantage, of course, is this being a less than evocative map.


We were in Skorne territory, and I forgot the setup (was out last game). We’re in a ritual but still fatal battle over the fate of a vault of sacral stones. My Allegiant got in over his head and died (a rare event for us in this system)!