Shadowflame Shard Hydrix, Smaller Head duplicates

The new Shadowflame Shard Hydrix has “Smaller Head 2x” as a weapon slot and 5 choices of weapon.

Can the Hydrix use the same Smaller Head twice?

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The app allows it, so I think so?

Yes. It has one central head and two smaller heads.

Source: the model. :slight_smile:

Also: just saw this. This was nice of Privateer to offer. :slight_smile:

Yep, looks like the question had been answered by the store.

Now I wonder if the Preview Box has enough spare magnets to accommodate the Extra Heads pack…

I think the question was whether the Smaller Heads could use the same weapon, since it’s never been displayed that way in promo images and it seems the preview box doesn’t contain enough heads for that.

But yea, the existence of the spares pack answers it.

That’s a bit pricey for 5 tiny heads. Especially without magnets as well.

It’s a lot cheaper than buying a second warbeast kit to get the extra heads. :slightly_smiling_face: (…And then getting a third and fourth kit so you can run doubles of both your first and second beast, and then…)

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Yes, you can use the same head type on both smaller head choices. You will need two of the correct heads for most Organized Play (excluding TO approval.)