( Rules question)Ragemonger Feat vs Athena Feat

Athena: discard the highest die rolled.
Rage : rolled 1 count as 6.
that rolled 1 (6) is the highest then and is discarded?
or not?

Yes it is a 6 according to the rules, dont let your eyes lie to you.

Because Ragemonger’s feat is written specifically as it is – “count the die face as a 6” – you are being explicitly told you are not actually changing the die face.

The highest die is still literally whichever die shows the highest value on the table; it just so happens that a die face with a 1 “counts as” a 6. It is not a 6, it just counts as one when you do the math. :slight_smile:

(Editorializing: the highly non-standard phrasing strikes me as having been written to specifically address exactly this sort of interaction.)

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Are you sure because it counts as is, different than rolled

this is as I understand that


@elswickchuck Hey Chuck! Could we get an official ruling for this? :slight_smile:

Well my interpretation seems to follow logically. Athena feat says to discard the highest die rolled. How do you determine which die is the highest rolled? You look at the number and discard the highest number. Ragemongers feat tells you that ones count as sixes so they would bcome the highest dice rolled.

His feat applies to attack and damage rolls period. Not just when determining whether they hit or not.

Take a look at the timing chart on dice rolls:

Ragemongers feat would apply to this entire sequence, not just step d while excluding step c. For it to do this it would have to say so. Something like “when determining if an attack hits count 1s as 6s”

Yeah when we cant agree thats probably best lol

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My personal interpretation (as a brineblloods player, so this isn’t even in my favor) is to first determine what the die “result” is and then apply everything to it. So if I roll a 1, it will be a 6 and then go from there

Quick reply that cites the timing chart, and then we really need to let an Infernal answer if there’s any remaining confusion. :slight_smile:

Here’s the relevant portion of the timing chart:

So, let’s start here

Athena’s feat adds a die to the roll.

The Brinebloods player rolls the dice. They all land on the table/in the dice tray/whatever with exactly one side on each die showing on the top.

Athena’s feat triggers again. You look at the dice on the table. You pick the one showing the highest number and remove it.

Braghen’s feat triggers here. Is there a die showing a 1? If there is, you count it as a 6.

Athena’s feat has already fully resolved at this point. You can’t do anything else with her feat here because both relevant portions resolved in steps 5a and 5c.

A few a concrete examples for what happens in this step:

The dice are showing 1, 6.
→ Your attack automatically hits because you count it as rolling a 6, 6, which is both a critical and automatic hit.

The dice are showing 1, 1.
→ Your attack automatically hits because you count it as rolling a 6, 6, which is both a critical and automatic hit.

The dice are showing 3, 5.
→ Braghen’s feat does nothing.

The dice are showing 3, 1, and you need a 19 total to hit.
→ You rolled a 3+6 which equals 9. Your MAT is 5. 5+9=14. The attack misses.

Does that help clear it up for everyone? :slight_smile:

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It also should be mention that this also affects whether ragemongers feat gives him a better critical hit chance. I feel like it probably does. The rule for a critical hit is “ on a direct hit, any two dice showing the same result is a critical hit”. Since he has crit effects on all his weapons, I feel like his feat was intended to affect this which would mean his feat makes the dice “show” a result

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I’ll ask here in a moment

Hold please, your call is very important to us lol


I feel like in this particular case, it goes in Athena’s favor, but for many other things(critical hits, if any upcoming cadre or mercenary models have a signs and portents type effect, etc.) then it would work as a 6 for that also.

Basically, for all intents and purposes, under ragemonger’s feat, treat your 1’s as 6’s

Why does it trigger here? Nothing indicates that explicitly in the timing text.
Any 1s rolled are counted as 6s as soon as they hit the table, thus Athena‘s feat takes them out. Or at least one could interpret it this way as well.


(I jest)

Every time I see those words, this old comedy show comes into my mind:

Because that’s the story of my life.

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Love the video and the meme so mo worries there.

I feel we will have an answer for this soon as it was also discussed during playtest


So the dice will count as having rolled a 6. So in the above situation Athena’s feat would remove the “6”.