Rules Question: Dual Attack, Engagement, and the +2 Aim Bonus


I’m having trouble tracking down the answer to this, even though it was a relevant question for MK3.

My warjack with dual attack begins its activation engaged with an enemy model. For normal movement, my warjack aims. My warjack proceeds to eliminate all engaging enemy models with its initial melee attacks. It still has its initial ranged attacks. The warjack aimed and is unengaged. Does it get the +2 aim bonus?


Sure does. You can sacrafice movement to aim, but “models do not gain this benefit while engaged”. Since youre no longer engaged you get the benefit.


I believe one of the stipulations of aiming is that you must not be engaged

I was remembering the wording of a previous edition

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Rules quotes for clarity! :slight_smile:

Unlike in previous editions, this section no longer says “A model in melee cannot use its Normal Movement to aim.”

In MK IV, as shown above, engagement is the only thing preventing the model from gaining the aiming bonus. :slight_smile: