Rules question- Alexia’s Wages of Death

The Wages of Death rule of Alexia allows her to reroll an attack or damage roll by paying one point of health. There’s nothing saying she can’t reroll the same attack roll more than once, is this intentional? Most reroll rules say they only apply once per roll.

As written, that looks correct.

As written yes, but as intended only once per roll

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Do we have confirmation of that somewhere?

Per our infernal team’s prior discussions with PPS staff.


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I think this also falls under having the same effect applying to a model multiple times which would only apply the bonus once.

That’s good to know. Previously Infernal Rulings and clarifications were easy to find in the previous forums.
Will they be collected and easily identifiable in some way here? And Infernals/Staff easily identifiable?

Currently working on that

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Would also be great to designate who the Infernals/Developers are on this site.

Not everyone will know/remember that the bulldog is an authority figure and not just another opinion.