Rules Q: Helgas feat and Thresher Bloodreaper

Blood Reaper makes the attacks simultaneous. Based on this recent thread about simultaneous attacks, and the Timing Chart (below) you will:


  1. Make all the attack rolls, going through steps 5a - 5e.

  2. When you reach Step 7, go model-by-model (the rules resolve simultaneously, but because of the limits of physical existence, you can’t do it all simultaneously), resolve the slam movement model-by-model.

  3. Make all your damage rolls, which all end up just being slam damage rolls and/or collateral damage rolls.

  4. Apply all the damage simultaneously, going model-by-model.

Here’s the damage roll portion of the timing chart:

Potentially this is a lot to deal with and keep track of at once, but I suspect that, in practice, most times it’s not going to matter. You’ll be slamming single-wound models that are going to be destroyed no matter what, or the slam won’t result in collateral damage, or whatever.

…I think that covers the original question?