Rules Q: Helgas feat and Thresher Bloodreaper

When resolving the slams and collateral damage from the Meat Thresher under Helgas feat, which of the following is correct?

  1. Make an attack
  2. Slam the model
  3. Resolve both the damage roll on the target and collateral immediately
  4. Move onto next attack in sequence for Bloodreaper


  1. Make an attack
  2. Slam the model
  3. Move the model and mark any collateral recipients
  4. Resolve damage on the target model
  5. Complete all other attacks
  6. Resolve all collateral damage at once after all models have been slammed as a result of Bloodreaper simultaneous attacks.

This is not a full answer. Lack time at the moment. Here’s the relevant rules references in case somebody wants to beat me to it.

Helga 1’s feat:

Meat Thresher’s melee attack:

I believe it is the first option you posted.

It would be option 1, as you would resolve one attack before moving into the next attack. However, damage would be simultaneous for all of the attacks and collateral damage.

Blood Reaper makes the attacks simultaneous. Based on this recent thread about simultaneous attacks, and the Timing Chart (below) you will:


  1. Make all the attack rolls, going through steps 5a - 5e.

  2. When you reach Step 7, go model-by-model (the rules resolve simultaneously, but because of the limits of physical existence, you can’t do it all simultaneously), resolve the slam movement model-by-model.

  3. Make all your damage rolls, which all end up just being slam damage rolls and/or collateral damage rolls.

  4. Apply all the damage simultaneously, going model-by-model.

Here’s the damage roll portion of the timing chart:

Potentially this is a lot to deal with and keep track of at once, but I suspect that, in practice, most times it’s not going to matter. You’ll be slamming single-wound models that are going to be destroyed no matter what, or the slam won’t result in collateral damage, or whatever.

…I think that covers the original question?