[Rules] Foreboder - Channeler

The Foreboder (Infernals) currently has the rule Channeler:
“While this model is in a friendly Faction Leader’s control range, the Leader can channel spells through it.”

So RAW an Infernal Master (Leader) could channel spells through a Foreboder controlled by Regna and Regna cannot (not a Leader). In principle, in two caster games, Infernal Masters can share Foreboders.

This is not how it worked in Mk3 (Channeler received the [Controller] modifier, allowing Regna to use it and preventing Infernal Masters from using Foreboders not in their battle-group. Is this an intended change or has is it an oversight?

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I would say yes it can channel through them. The Gatorman Bone Shrine has the same text for Channeler, and it is not a part of any battlegroups.

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As I see it rules as written are clear: Regna’s Foreboder is used by the Infernal Master, Regna cannot use it.

However, this wasn’t how it was intended to work in MkIII (as evidenced by errata). It could be that PP want to make this change or they could have overlooked those errata. The Foreboder is, to the best of my knowledge, the only Channeler that is in a Battlegroup.

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The Blind Walker is also a Battlegroup model with Channeler. The Foreboder was the first example of the battlegroup Channeler, but not the only one now.


Arcnodes are also all Channelers.

@Malkav13 They all refer to “Channeling” section of the Rulebook, and are called “a channeler”, but they don’t have the rule “Channeler”, which is the specific issue here. The “Channeling” section allows: “A Spellcaster [to] cast spells through any channeler in its battlegroup that is also within control range”.
I suppose one could argue that the rule “Channeler” makes the model a channeler, in which case Regna and the Infernal Master could use it … .

@Lambstar Good point, shows how much attention I pay to Minions :stuck_out_tongue:. So Barnabus0 with a Blind Walker would be subject to the same weird interaction (the Warlock can use the Blind Walker but he possibly can’t).

It would be very helpfull if an Infernal could post a ruling about this situation. @DarkLegacy perhaps?

Currently, until the rule changes or is replaced with a different rule, the Leader channels through the Foreboder and Regna cannot.


Thanks! I guess I can make tweak my lists just a bit to make them more efficient now.

Thanks @DarkLegacy. I’ll play it that way for the moment then.

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