[Rules] Eidolon Vortex Cannon

A couple clarifying questions on the Eidolon’s Vortex Cannon

  1. The gun is an AoE2 but can pull multiple models b2b with the target directly hit. Do you decide which models are damaged based on who was closest on direct hit, or roll for random damage on all the closest models after the push?

  2. Theres no crazy world where you deal damage to all targets affected by the pull and bypass the aoe2, is there?

  3. If you miss and still kill the target with the blast damage, is it still RFPd? The rule on the gun “Vortex Blast” only activates on a direct hit, and says models boxed by Vortex Blast are RFPd. But Vortex Blast is just the push effect, and does not do any damage that could box a model. What is the intent here?

  1. Both the Vortex ability and the AoE ability say “When the target is hit…” This would lead me to think that the Active Player would get to choose the order in which they resolve. You could either pull models in and then choose find out the closest eligible targets, or you could do the AoE rules first and then the Vortex blast.

  2. There might be some rule or ability that does so, but it is not native to the card’s rules. It hits like a normal AoE.

  3. Correct. The gun is still doing the damage so its effects would apply.