[Rules] Barriers vs ghostly/incorp

Can I get (official) confirmation if the -2" speed effect on Barriers also affects models with Ghostly and/or Incorporeal?

Barrier itself states “When a…model without flight or pathfinder attempts to cross this terrain feature, reduce the distance this model moves by 2”."

It specifies those two rules, but ghostly and incorp dont seem to natively have anything different from pathfinder and flight that exempts them.

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They would be effected by it as they don’t have Flight or Pathfinder, unless they had those in addition to Ghostly or Incorporeal.
Incorporeal states that a model treat all non-impassable terrain as open terrain while advancing. It can move through Obstructions and other models…
Ghostly has similar wording.
So, they will be effected by the Barrier as treating it as open terrain won’t do anything.


check this post


I think this is correct for incorporeal . It’s just ghostly with the “advance without penalty” wording

“Without penalty” has always been troublesome as “Penalty” is not an established game term and can be open to interpretation.

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