Riot quest PE(S)TS

Saudações, salutations, greetings.

To show my compassion for Matt Wilson sharing it’s enthusiasm for the riot quest franchise I decided to post my painted PE(S)TS.

Hope privateer press employees enjoy :grin:

With my best regards,
Com os meus sinceros cumprimentos,



What do the Pests do? Besides look super cute?

Fun paint jobs! OMG the doggie!

Dear chikahiro,

The good question here is:
-What is it that the Pe(s)TS don’t do?

:joy:, In all seriousness, pests are riot gear you can equip on your team, they varie in range of prices in terms of coins. But what’s stronger it’s they all give you an specific class, and they can move with the speed of the model you attach the riot gear on, and they move independently of the model. Besides that, they have strong effects. They are definitely very strong riot gear. Don’t know if the abilities are available in the privateer press wiki, but there is a strong possibility, since they were released in quite a while.

Hope I was helpful,


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They look great! I’ve never seen pink base rims before, interesting choice.

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I painted my rims to match the class :slight_smile:

Those are fantastic. Love how you captured the whimsical expressions on their eyes. Really well done!