Removing super glue and salvaging from MonPoc bases

Hi everyone!

New MonPoc bases have gotten surprisingly expensive, being roughly $2 each at retail. After helping people with repairs, strip their models, etc., I have a pile of used bases I would really like to salvage. The old bases have glue or paint on them.

What options – presumably chemical, but I’m open to ideas! – exist for cleaning glue and paint off clear MonPoc bases without destroying them?

I am willing to sacrifice a few to test SuperClean and acetone, but I suspect that will lead to a purple-tinted base (SuperClean) or a noxious pile of plastic goo (acetone). I just thought I’d ask others to see what they’ve done before I did my own testing.


I haven’t tried cleanly removing superglue from Monpoc bases yet, but I have found Dettol softens superglue, and I haven’t noticed Dettol staining anything. GreenStuffWorld sells a cyanoacrylate remover, I reckon somethign like that would be worth a try: ▷ Ciano Cleaner | - GSW

Alternately scrape the glue off (perhaps after freezing to make it more brittle) and then spend many hours sanding and polishing the bases with multiple grits of sandpaper and polishing compounds… :grin:

Or just buy clear acrylic bases from third party sellers. I mainly use round bases for my models so I don’t actually use the official bases anyway.

Try topical application of acetone rather than soaking. I.e. acetone on a cotton bud wiped over the surface of the glue/paint. I’ve done this without damage to plastic/resin models without issues. Superglue especially will come off fast (since it’s an acetate).

Dettol (antiseptic) will also soften glue and remove paint.

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