Release plans (units/solos) - more details needed


Sorry if it was asked already but I couldnt find satisfactory answer in FAQ or Roadmap:

Could you specificaly tell me if ALL MK4 units and solos are going to be released separately or not? And when?

So far I heard about releasing some solos and about releasing big models and casters. Does it mean that units and many small solos are not to be released outside big box sets at all? I must say that uncertainity in this area is whats stopping me from fully entering MK4. I dont mind buying some starters at the beginning (already bought one + some jacks) but I am obviously not eager to play the game where I would have to buy three large boxes to get e.g. 3 cygnar sharpshooters or buying pile of units I dont need only to get 2 copies of the one I do. I believe such release policy would either make many players not bother with WM (as there are many other games with easily accessible range of models) or proxy/print missing models themselves and play only localy - both results not good for future of MK4.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and answer.


FLGSs will only get the 6 main SKUs - Army Starter, Army Expansion, Warjack A, Warjack B, Caster C, and 80mm Solo.

The individual units/solos from the army box and expansions will be available on their own via the PP webstore a little while after the big boxes, though the boxes are discounted compared to the prices of the separated stuff.

Exact dates for when the individual stuff will become available is TBD. I think they were originally meant to be there by now, but like many things, they’re a bit delayed.

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Ok thanks for answer.

I wish local game stores could order everything too (Im afraid they may not be interested in trading part of the range only and will not dupport WM players at all) - but at least there will be some possibility to order individual units.

I think stores can order the individual boxes if they have a direct order account with Pp but I could be wrong.

They can. Or at least our LGS is doing this.

This. IIRC while Privateer sells themselves retailers can get stuff at wholesale which bypasses distributors. Distributors are kind of overloaded given the sheer volume of inventory they could offer that they don’t keep deep stocks of anything unless its a major player (D&D, Magic, etc).

I believe you can point them here: Retailer Support - Privateer Press

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Ok thanks guys, thats very good.

Im waiting for those individual units then to finish my mk4 army, hope they will be released soon.

This is not correct. PP has published order forms showing more than this, including individual minis. My FLGS is already carrying some of the minis this list excludes, like the Merc Solos.

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