Reef troll builds

I made some obviously builds for the new reef trolls.

Build 1 - Tank
This dude is hard to kill for 8 points. No output really but disproportionally hard to kill. Elusive is a thing even with DEF 12.

Build 2 - Master gunner
This dude is OK at shooting, but 11 points is waaaay too much. Feels like some of the options are overcosted. Especially the head and the booze. At 9 points he would be good.

Build 3 - Budget gunner
You can save a point by switching the booze. This dode for 9 points is pretty much strictly worse than a gunboar that is 8 points. No thanks!

Build 4 - Buddy
The cheapest possible option. 6 points is cheap, but its not better than a 5 point orgoth light. I might actually try this dude now and then, but paying 2 points to upgrade to build 1 is probably always worth it

What are your hot takes? Anything that interests you?

Matey head, Rum Jug, Cutlass, Boarding axe - 6 points. Tied for cheapest. Melee combat lights are usually of limited usefulness, but it does give your warlock access to the Sprint animus, which some of them might occasionally want. Could kill screening units and then sprint away to clear up a path for a heavy to go in.

Matey head, Ale Tankard, Harpoon, Boarding Axe - 8 points. Threatens to pull anything within 16 inches. Can’t pull large bases, which is a pretty big drawback, but it could pull solos off of flags or help set up assassinations.

In other factions I love drag and sprint mechanics because they often give me ways to cheat piece trades. They might be more limited here, but I think they’re worth experimenting with.

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Good write up! I find myself drawn to the chain shot explosive- an aoe1 crit knockdown is a little niche, but it’ll catch people out sometimes. Taking him with that, the harpoon and far strike drink is 10 points, then you could choose to pay an extra 2 for +1 RAT and swift hunter, but I think I’d be tempted to cheap out and take shield guard for free.

The other thing is the animi- all rng self, but I guess we’ll have to see what the warlocks look like to see if they need them. Far strike and lightning strike are probably auto takes on some warlock types (if they have a gunnbjorn/Jarl equivalent, or a borka2 equivalent). I can imagine building a cheap animus bot in the right list.

Yeah, that sprinter dude is probably the better cheap option in many cases.

The drag artist might be better in reality than i fear. A bit like the old swamp trolli guess. Not sure it will see much more table time than he did though :thinking:

I tried to like that chain shot, but short range, low pow, aoe 1(!) And reliant on a crit? Way too expensive for my tastes :sweat_smile: