Range 0 - can you cast spells with reduced range?

In the rule book weapons that had their range reduced to zero could not make attacks. Windstorm being the main thing that could do this.

Today I played a game with Mage Static into infernal cultists that have a range 3 heal. This is reduced to 0”.

Is 0” base to base? I don’t know what the call on this was. There was some infernal discussion on it on the old forums I believe.

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Correct, if you are base to base then there is 0" between the models, which would be the range of the spell.

I’m pretty sure it was a thing in Mk3 that range of guns reduced to 0 did not allow shooting. I remember my minutemen not being able to shoot even with gunfighter. Idk for magic.

I’m not entirely sure, as Robert mentioned there was a rule about that for guns in previous editions but I don’t know if there is one now for spells. I added the Rules tag to your topic, which should help with getting official attention.

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I can’t quote at the moment, but “Weapon Statistics —> Range” says that you can’t make attacks if the weapon’s range is reduced to zero.

I could not locate such a stipulation for arcane attacks. B2B is certainly 0” apart, so casting at something B2B seems perfectly legal to me.

Now with quotes!

I think that should wrap things up! :slight_smile:


All replies appreciated.

Seems silly that the rules are explicitly different for guns to spells in this case, but it appears they are!

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You can cast a spell on yourself but can’t target yourself with a ranged attack.

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