Painted Cage Rager model

Saudações, salutations, greetings.

Here’s a photo of a Cage Rager I painted:

With my best regards,
Com meus sinceros cumprimentos,



Could you take another pic of it with a solid color background (not white) behind it…? This will allow the camera to focus better on just the model and allow us to see the details better. I can see that the colors are placed well and you did some weathering to the bronze, but that is about it. I can’t decipher the details from the background when zoomed in. Also the lightness of the skin is being washed out by the bright white paint organizer/paint lids in the background and likely the direct light being shined directly on the model. If possible you want to use defused or bounced light when lighting a model for a picture.

Dear HuronBH,

I can clearly see you are a dedicated member of the community. My gratitude for that.
However this are old pictures i took with my phone, and that level of studio photography with background and multiple sources of light, makes for great object photography, but it’s a trade by itself. Seeing this is my casual hobby, i think i can most likely achieve the black background in the future with an old Black Anchor Heavy box i have in my armory, but i wouldn’t put my expectations higher than that :sweat_smile:.

Nevertheless my gratitude for your encouraging commentary

My best regards

P.S: I think i will post a few more models i painted just to keep inspiring other members in the near future, but since they are old photos, they will steal have the same background. I’m confident they will be amusing to see neverthless, and that’s the main goal afterall.

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I like your colour choice.