Orgoth Witch Coven compete!

Here’s the latest unit from my Orgoth box. About halfway done. Just the Strike Reavers, Ulkor, and 'jacks to go.


They look good.

Any advice on the third Witch with the two-handed grip over her head? Trying to line the hands up with the arms seems problematic.


For that third witch, after a dry fit I pinned one of the arms and made it look good. The other arm was off, so i sanded it a little and used green stuff to fill in the gaps

Looks great! The only unit in my first 30pt list is the Ulkor Barragers, but the Warwitch Coven is next in line when I grow the list to 50pts.

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I’ve seen your barragers on Facebook and they are wonderful! Looking forward to your take on witches

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