Old faithful command card and crippled cortex

The Old Faithful command card says “play this card in your control phase before allocating focus”. Step 4 of the control phase is about allocating focus, while step 3 is power up.

So does the command card take place after step 3, so you can’t power up the jack if their cortex is crippled (as you can’t repair the cortex until after power up)?

I suppose if you read the command card instruction as “play in control phase at any time before allocating focus”, then you could play it before step 3, repair the cortex and then power up. I’m pretty sure that’s how I have played it in the past.


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I have always played it as the command card can repair the cortex and then allow you to power up and allocate focus. However reading it and the timing of the Control Phase it would seem the correct sequence is actually:

-Power up warjacks with a functional cortex
-Play “Old Faithful” command card and repair a warjack
-Allocate additional focus

“Before” is open, it’s not “Just before”, so I would interpret it as “any time before”.

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You can indeed play this card to heal the Cortex and then Power up. It is any time before allocating focus.