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I know I had a reason for setting the price at 7 gc, but I cannot remember it. 10 gc seems more reasonable.

The rounds are fired from the Bombardier Grenade Cannon that has a AOE of 3, but I suppose that I did not actually write that in the rules, but now I will.
70 gc might be more fair.

The rules would only work out to a very limited extent: On a critical hit, you would get an additional free attack, but since that attack auto-hits, it never gets an attack roll, and you couldn’t gain an additional free attack by scoring an additional critical hit. The mention that the free attack may generate an additional attack is thus superfluous, so I’d suggest replacing the “additional attack” with “additional damage roll.”

Once this additional damage roll has been resolved, if the character wielding the weapon can make additional attacks, e.g. by being skilled, their additional attack still auto-hits, and thus can never be a critical hit, and cannot generate an additional attack/damage roll. So the most you could gain from the chainsword is one additional attack/damage roll per round, unless you switch to a different target, as you would then have to make another attack roll and could thus score another critical hit.

Once the free critical

Considering the combined effects would be worth 55 gc if it was both a strangle gas grenade and acid bomb, but those effects would still only last one round, I think 70 gc is still too low for a cloud that lasts 1d3+1 rounds (i.e. 3 rounds on average). Where does this 1d3+1 rounds figure come from anyway?

I guess i might just remove the Sustained Attack, but I might increase the pow to 7 and or give it Grievous Wounds.

I made the devil’s gasp first and in all the lore about it, it is made very clear that it lingers for a very long time, so I made the durnation longer.
For the smoke, I wanted to spice it up a little, so I gave it the same durnation

Well in the oficial weapon that is a chainsaw has crit shred and the rotatory saw has sustained so it fits more in the rule, and straight grivous ight be way too much, bt it is alongside what i was thinking but i would sugest critical Grievous wounds, might nee to be straight since i’m not that sure on multiple crit effects on tge RPG, normaly i allow unlss they conflict logicaly(staionary and continous fire effect) or do very similar stuff

Checked on the APP for MKIV two out of three chainsaws have crit shreed and sustained attack(Invictus and Renegade we still have o see the rules of the Patriot/Raider only the tyrants ripper has only crit shreed), the circular ones is a mess (Ripjaw has crit armor piercing and powerfull attack, Desecrators vivisector has crit shred and grievous wounds, the Decimator rip saw has sustained and the Dire wolf scrap saw(that is a heavy jack weapon while the RPG scrap saw is a light only) has crit shred, so both are justified, bu i think that was done to de incentivise crit fishing gimmicky armies(and magnus 4 and invictus can go anywhere and modular design is a living hell)(i forgot the Tyrant has a chainsaw)

I feel compelled here to say that power creep is never a good argument. Not everything needs to be superior to what has been previously published to be viable, and piling abilities on an item is similarly almost never a good idea (outside of, say, applying multiple mechanika runes). This is also the reason why PP has gone back to previous designs multiple designs to simplify and standardise them.

The whole idea behind the chainsword is that it is supposed to “try” to approach the power of the ice maul, so I would not really call it power creep.

I have added the weapons to link.

I removed sustained attack from the chainsword and gave it:
+100 gc price
7 pow when used two-handed
Grievous Wounds

This is the final version for now, but I will look at it again some other time.

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Ever since I read some of the old laborjack lore in NQ I have always wanted a “lumber-jack”, and we even got a logging “weapon” later in the from of the timberjack arm. Even if its rules was a mess and that is why have made my own rules for it.

Forester “Lumber-jack” Heavy Laborjack

Logging was one of the first roles for which steamjacks were developed. The earliest logging ‘jacks were simple purposed, with oversized wood axes to fit in their hands and ample rings and bars for chaining and dragging logs. As technologies evolved, the traditional riverside mill’s steam-driven saws was adapted to steamjacks. These came in many forms and when equipped with one, a logging ‘jack can fell even a Petrok fir, as wide as a Khard is tall, in a few minutes. Steam-driven saws can be carried as a two-handed implement by versatile ’jacks, but the mark of a truly successful logging company is the presence of dedicated logging ‘jacks. These have a steam driven saw mounted permanently on the end of one arm, leaving the other arm free to timber the tree in a safe direction.

Most steamjack work done in logging can be accomplished by general-purpose heavy laborjacks, mainly Hurlys and Laikas. Both frames are well suited to chopping and are easily adapted to carrying steam-driven saws. Because of this, generally only larger timber consortiums use ‘jacks assembled exclusively for logging. One favored model is the Corvis-built Cygnaran Forester, which goes by the nickname of “the lumber-‘jack”. This heavy laborjack possesses both a high-performance steam-driven chainsaw with attached logging claw and an oversized power plant for hauling large amounts of timber. But a new Forester costs quite a bit more than just converting an old Hurly. Logging ‘jacks are typically fitted with ferrum- or aurum-grade cortexes. This is not just because of the dangerous nature of their work, though it is important that a ‘jack not let a thick pine fall in the direction of its crew. Logging expeditions often run afoul of local denizens, be they wild beasts like trolls or sentient inhabitants such as trollkin or druids intent on punishing encroachers. Laborjacks accompanying loggers must always be ready to turn their sap-stained fists and blades on flesh and stone. The Forester had proven itself an able combatant in a number of such encounters, although superstitious woodcutters claim the ‘jacks are never the same once they have “tasted blood.”

The Forester is a Docker heavy laborjack with an aurum-grade cortex. The Forester comes stock with a timberjack arm mounted on its right arm and a fist on it’s left. The Forester integrates the high-pressure boiler upgrade and a steamjack armwinch (NQ Uncharted Part Six) on its left arm.
With an aurum-grade cortex, a Forester has the following stats:

High-Pressure Boiler [ Boiler Upgrade ]

Cost: 200 gc (light steamjack), 300 gc (heavy steamjack)
Description: This modification augments the steam engine and boiler of a steamjack with structural reinforcements and additional steam pipes allowing for an additional surge of slow but tremendous force. This allows the steamjack to haul greater loads.

Special Rules: A steamjack with a high-pressure boiler has boosted non-combat STR rolls.

A steamjack cannot benefit from the high-pressure boiler upgrade and other boiler upgrades like efficient boilers or heavy boilers at the same time.

Installing a high-pressure boiler upgrade in a steamjack requires the proper tools, six hours of labor, and a successful INT + Mechanikal Engineering roll against a target number of 14. If the roll fails, it can be repeated after another hour of labor.

Paying to have a high-pressure boiler upgrade installed in a steamjack costs an additional 80 gc.

Timberjack Arm

Cost : 300 gp (light steamjack), 450 gc (heavy steamjack)
Type : Melee
Location : Arm
Attack Modifier : -1
POW : 4 (light steamjack), 6 (heavy steamjack)
Description : Designed to hold and cut down trees. The timberjack arm consists of a steam-driven chainsaw, scaled for a steamjack, with a hydraulic gripping claw. This allows a steamjack to grip a tree between the claw and the chainsaw, holding it fast while cutting into it, for greater control of the cutting process and the trees decent. The timberjack arm has also shown its worth against the larger beasts of the wild, being able to easily cut them limb from limb or decapitate them, with just as brutal efficiency, as it cuts down trees.

Special Rules : A timberjack arm have the Open Fist rule and can be used to make Headlock/Weapon Lock, Push, Throw, and Two Handed Throw power attacks. A timberjack arm cannot be used to pick up other weapons.

On a critical hit with this weapon, fill in the unmarked damage boxes or circles on the last column or branch damaged.

Mounting this weapon on a steamjack chassis requires the mechanik to first remove the steamjack’s old arm and replace it with the timberjack arm (see “Removing or Replacing Arms” in the Steamjack section of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Core Rules). Paying to have an arm system removed and a timberjack arm mounted on a steamjack in its place costs an additional 60 gc unless the character does the job himself.

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I’d say from the description the timberjack arm should only have a standard steamjack fist’s POW for its size unless it has managed to establish a hold or lock first, after which any subsequent attacks would benefit from the enhanced saw (and likely auto-hit as well, considering the saw is clamped to its target at that point; this would once again lead to a problematic interaction with the critical hit rules, however, i.e. no critical hits are possible at that point).

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That would be a pretty cool way to do it, but it would be a little to complicated for what I want it to do. The pow and crit effect does the job fine. The original actually had an effective pow of 7 + the crit effect.