NEW FMF monster and warbeast, Warpwolf despoiler

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Cool! I’m seeing a lot of goat/ram mixed in with the wolf?

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Link os fixed, im a moron forgot to unrestrict it

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Thats correct, the despoiler cant control warping, so it warps by eating other beasts hearts, and this one just ate a satyrs heart


That’s awesome, definitely going to be looking for places to slot these into a campaign.


Im finally here! Happy that you liked my warpwolf :slight_smile:


That’s a very cool bit of background.

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Could you please copy and paste the rules and background write-up here so no external link is necessary?

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Sorry for the delay!

Despoiler Warpwolf, Feral

“Although many refuse to accept it, The Devourer and its bestial children are part of life and Cosmos. Its power cannot be fully tamed, even if many try tirelessly. Then, when you least expect, there are beasts with a bloodlust so intense that it takes the eternal game of prey and predator to a whole new level.”

Mis. Redwood, The Redwood Compendium :maple_leaf:

Even after centuries of refining the rituals and the elixir that create warpwolves, the blackclads know they can never fully tame the Serpent’s transformative power. One proof is the existence of Despoiler Warpwolf, rare creatures that appear with different abilities than their more “common” counterparts. Rather than having control over their warping adaptations, the Despoilers must consume the heart of a powerful creature, thus gaining physical traits and capabilities according to the prey’s nature, which last until the warpwolf consumes the heart of a different beast. In this way, even maintaining the general lupine appearance, they can have horns, hooves, plates and even poison. When the moons are full, Despoilers experience a random variation of these abilities, being most intense at the conjunction of the three full moons. In the latter case, this experience can be brutal, with the transformations lasting all night, causing the warpwolf to collapse exhausted the next day.
These beasts are not only rare because of the nature of the ritual that creates them, but also because of their high mortality. These predators always crave bigger and more powerful game, which eventually leads to death. It is not known if they are able to sense vigor or magic in their prey, not even in their human form can they discern any reason. Despoilers are relatively unknown in civilization, as even when the first transformation occurs in a populated area, these creatures only kill to satiate their hunger before going on the trail of some larger and more powerful prey. Even so, they will spare no effort to tear apart the unwary who stand in their way. Despite this behavior, Despoilers do not attack other warpwolves other than in mating competitions. As far as anyone knows, their distinctive characteristics are not passed on to purebred offspring.
When they discover that a warpwolf ritual has created a Despoiler, the blackclads immediately set out to track down and capture the creature. That’s because it can end up attacking the Circle warbeasts or going after tamed pure-blood trolls, which could create diplomatic crisis that the Circle is often unwilling to deal with. Despoilers can also wreak havoc on wild beast populations, crippling sources of new warbeasts. Despite the problems, a Despoiler attached to a warlock is a powerful and adaptable tool that the blackclads won’t reject.

Command Range: 2
Base: large
Models: Large Specimen, Lone Wolf, Predator, Starving

PHY 12 / SPD 6 / STR 11 / AGI 3 / POI 3 / PRW 5 / INT 2 / ARC - / PER 4

DEF 13 / ARM 16 / WILL 14 / INIC 13

Spiral: same as Warpwolf, Feral



  • Bite: MAT 7 / POW 3 / P+S 14
  • Claw (R): MAT 7 / POW 4 / P+S 15 - Open Fist
  • Claw (L): MAT 7 / POW 4 / P+S 15 - Open Fist


Beast Form: While in beast form, this creature can use only natural weapons and cannot cast spells. In beast form it cannot speak other than basic guttural utterances. It retains knowledge of any skills it has training in but can use only the following skills while transformed: Climbing, Detection, Jumping, Sneak, Survival, Swimming, Tracking and Unarmed Combat;

Despoiled warping : instead of the controlled warping, The Despoiler Warpwolf must consume the fresh heart of a formerly alive creature to gain warping abilities. These abilities are defined by the game master accordingly to the prey capacities and last until the warpwolf eats the heart of other species. The heart must be consumed until 3 hours after the prey is slain. Small sized creatures provide 1 ability, medium sized creatures provide 2 abilities and large sized creatures 3 abilities. It’s up to the game master to define if all living creatures provide this effect (for example, farm animals may not grant any ability). This change is a full action:

  • Ambush – During the first round of an encounter, this creature gains boosted attack and damage rolls against enemies that have not yet activated that encounter;
  • Amphibious – This creature treats water as open terrain. While in water, this creature gains concealment;
  • Bestial Agility - this creature gains Pathfinder;
  • Bounding Leap – Once per turn, after making a full advance but before performing an action, this creature can be placed completely within 5” of its current location. Any effects that prevent charging also prevent the creature from using Bounding Leap;
  • Estable - this creature can’t be knocked down;
  • Horns - This creature can make head-butt power attacks instead of a bite: MAT 7 / POW 3 / P+S 14;
  • Immunity (choose one) - Electricity, Cold, Corrosion or Fire;
  • Poisonous (Bite) - On a critical hit, gain an additional die on this weapon’s damage rolls against living characters;
  • Protective Plates – This creature gains +2 ARM;
  • Warp Breath – This creature can make a ranged attack instead of a bite. The breath weapon damage type depends on the damage type of the breath weapon of the creature which its heart it consumed: RAT 5 / RNG Spray 8 / POW 12;
  • Warp Senses – This creature gains an additional die on Detection and Tracking skill rolls;
  • Warp Speed – This creature gains +2 SPD;
  • Warp Strength – This creature gains +2 STR.

Regeneration : This creature regains d3 vitality points per hour in addition to any normal healing.

Resonance - Devourer : This creature can be bonded only by a warlock with Resonance: Devourer Warbeast.

Shapeshifter: This creature’s physical stats are based on its human stats. When it transforms into its beast form it gains +6 PHY and STR and +1 PRW and PER but suffers –1 POI and –2 INT. The stats listed above represent an average example.

Transform : A character afflicted with the warpwolf’s curse transforms into a warpwolf at certain uncontrolled times, such as failing a Willpower roll to resist Terror, emotionally trying moments—especially those that arouse anger—or if the character suffers over half his total vitality in damage points. During the transformation both to and from the beast form, the character heals as if he had rested for a full day. This change is a full action. Warpwolves can attempt to resist this change by making a Willpower roll against a target number of 14. If this roll succeeds, the character avoids transformation. If this roll fails, he transforms normally. In addition to these triggers, the curse causes the character to transform every 2d6 + 10 days. This change cannot be resisted and occurs seemingly at random, though usually at night. The warpwolf remains changed for d3 days. This transformation is addictive, and the target number to resist transformation increases by 1 for each time the character transforms.

Despoiler Lunar Warping: when one or more moons are full, the Despoilers experience a random shift of their warping abilities, out of its control (see Despoiled warping). When only one moon is full, the warpwolf changes one of its current warping abilities at random. When two moons are full, two abilities randomly change and at the conjunction of the three full moons, all three abilities change. If the Despoiler has at the time less than the number of changing abilities, it receives them at random. The new set of warping abilities remain until the warpwolf eats the heart of another beast.

Fearless: While transformed, this creature never suffers the effects of fear.

Detection: Stat PER / Rank 2 / Stat+Rank 6
Intimidation: Stat SOC / Rank 2 / Stat+Rank ?
Survival: Stat PER / Rank 2 / Stat+Rank 6
Tracking: Stat PER / Rank 2 / Stat+Rank 6
Note: The above skills represent the skills a typical warpwolf possesses, though it can have a different set of available skills depending on its human form.

The Despoiler Warpwolves share the bestial rage with their “common” counterparts and will attack any creature that cross their path, but they direct its fury to the most powerful targets first. Driven by bloodlust, hey usually kill all enemies before eating their hearts, regardless of gaining new powers from this or not. While fighting, they use their current warp capabilities without hesitation.

A character can make an INT + Lore (extraordinary zoology) skill roll to determine what he knows about this creature. He learns all the information up to the result of the roll. The higher the roll, the more he learns.
*14:There are warpwolves that prefers larger and more powerful prey, hunting even the more brutal or wicked creatures, like dire trolls and dragonspawn;
*16: Despoilers are rare warpwolves that need to consume the heart of powerful creatures to gain different capabilities.

:brazil:Brazilian Folklore Curiosities:
The Despoiler Werewolf is one of the Brazilian werewolves’ legends. These are wicked humans that need to wallow in the soil when other mammals previously wallowed to gain its external traits. The result is a monstrous, quimeric man beast with characteristics of one or more creatures, like dogs, pigs, cows or donkeys. After the transformation, that is pleasant to the monster, it will roam the roads and forests of the region, attacking those it finds, mainly unbaptized babies and pregnant women, drinking their blood.
The werewolf legend was brought to Brazil by the Europeans and here it gained new characteristics. For example, Brazilian werewolves never have the form of a wolf (only in the name: lobisomem = wolfman), but of domestic animals, and they don’t need the moon to transform. Instead, they must perform a ritual: on Thursday to Friday nights, they feel an uncontrollable urge to go to a secluded place, take off all their clothes, tie the shirt 7 knots and then hide it. Then it will wallow on the ground, rolling 7 times from right to left in a place where one or more domestic or farm mammals have recently wallowed. After this they will transform. Other variants of the Brazilian werewolf legend are the Dead Werewolf and the Dragon Werewolf.


The despoiler warpwolf is a really fascinating idea - a bit like the DnD3.5 Monsternomicon II chimera, a dragon which has been warped completely out of control and cannot sustain a stable form.

A few further thoughts:

  • Is the despoiler warpwolf supposed to be an intentional creation? From the description, it sounds to me rather like their creation is a mishap because of some undetected flaw in the warpwolf transformation, or in the transformation’s subject.
  • The despoiler warpwolf’s basic Initiative should be 15, not 13.
  • For the despoiler’s life spiral, I’d suggest basing it on PHY, AGL and PER (I usually don’t use INT for animals, as otherwise the INT aspect is always even tinier than it is with PER), and add 4 circles to each aspect because the despoiler warpwolf is large-based (as per the rules for the Large Specimen template; again, I prefer to spread the additional damage circles out a little to not make the INT aspect so easily crippled with every beast).
  • I’d suggest it’s not really necessary to list specific abilities that a despoiler warpwolf can pick up. Instead, a despoiler warpwolf can adopt any one ability from its prey’s ability list for each Base Size category of heart it has eaten (rolled randomly or, while under the control of a warlock, with the chance to add or subtract 1 from the roll). Despoiler warpwolfs could also gain a stat instead (at which point their derived stats must be recalculated), a skill level, a natural weapon (including POW, Reach, and other relevant abilities), a natural weapon ability (which would then apply to all its unarmed attacks), or its prey’s natural ARM bonus. And if the moon warps a despoiler warpwolf, it could either revert to past abilities, if the GM remembers them, or just pick randomly from nearby creatures.
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Hi! Thanks for the corrections and advices! The Despoilers aren’t a intentional creation, this condition is an effect of the Devourer’s power that is an chaotic aspect of the nature. The blackclads can harness this power, but never totally tame it. At least that’s my understanding of the symbolism in it. Regarding the other topics, the warping abilities list is to facilitate, but picking it directly from the prey sheet is a good option. I think i can suggest both. About the other advices, game mechanics are not my strong point :sweat_smile:, Im still learning, but sounds good. Maybe i could test them in the future.