Need help picking a mkiv faction

Hi there, Just about to come back to the game after a long break (end of mkII) and need help picking a faction. I know what I want, I just don’t know who can do it :')

I’m looking for a fastish, jack focused with infantry support not horde army. who am I?

Thanks in advanced for the tips!

I would take a look at the Orgoth Sea Raiders, specifically with Kishtaar as your caster, and see if that strikes your fancy.


Winter Korps has good warjacks, and pretty much all the casters can easily get at least 4" of additional threat extension and often more (several have native speed buffs, then the rack includes Superiority for +2 SPD, +2MAT, and +2DEF on a warjack, Avenging Force for a 3" move in the Maintenance phase, and also Puissance for +2 melee damage, allowing even the smaller, faster warjacks to hard). Lots of Field Marshals too, like eKaterina’s Field Marshal: Arc Node.

I see a lot of Borisyuk lists with 4 Great Bears (our “heavy” warjack), and Tatiana has Positive Charge so she probably wants to bring plenty of warjacks to spread it around.

Also Winter Korps infantry are kinda like warjacks, being big and repairable (but with less access to speed buffs). There is an Empower unit and a cheap FA:4 repair solo, I dunno if that’s the kind of support you were asking about?

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I recommend checking the new models to see what strikes your fancy aesthetically. :slight_smile:

That being said: Orgoth fit that description pretty well. Khador Winter Korps, while not being traditionally fast, I believe functions best when composed of a bunch of warjacks. (Plus, the new unit movement rules give Suppressors a surprisingly long reach!)

Brinebloods have very fast infantry, but everybody I’ve seen with them either tries to go “slow brick of beasts” or “crazy fast infantry swarm”, so that won’t meet your requirement.

Khymaera, Dusk, and Storm Legion all enjoy their infantry selections from what I’ve observed, so they might not be ideal for you. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done so, you can download the Warmachine App (literally: “Warmachine App” in your Android or iOS app store, or the latest-as-of-the-time-of-this-post Windows desktop version from this link and check out all the model stats for yourself!

All the game rules, both models and core rules, are now free, and live in the app. :slight_smile:

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thanks for feedback! I downloaded the app yesterday been reading through the lore updates, and there is a lot of it! not gotten over the rules and factions yet but payday is approaching and i wanted to make some informed purchases :')

thats two votes for the Orgoth so far! I do adore their non jack beast minis as well. the ravener and gharlghast are fantastic minis


Their cadre box is definitely full of some strong models! :slight_smile: (Both in terms of rules and looks!)

Good luck with your choice! :slight_smile:

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forgive my naivety, but if orgoth uses warcasters how do they control beasts? assuming they have a special rule or something that lets them control both. is it restrictive or can all do it?

From the cadre box?

Well, the Cohort model in the cadre box is the Ravener, which is a Monstrosity. If you remember the Cephalyx, they had the same thing. Check out the monstrosity rules. :slight_smile: Basically, the Ravener is a big, angry, fleshy warjack, hah.

The other models in that box (the Grhotten) are solos.

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wish we could ctrl F through the rulebook ngl xD

You can! :slight_smile:

There’s a search bar in the Library section:

The search usually returns various Quick Links, but you can also click on the relevant document to see all the results

You can’t search models this way (I’m guessing due to the data format), but it works great for the books themselves!

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

ohhh amazing, dunno why i assumed that search bar was just for like the names of the documents themselves xD thanks! this makes my life so much easier

I’m glad I could make your life easier! :slight_smile:

for fast, jack focus and infantry support, I’d look at Orgoth and Dusk first, and see if their aesthetic calls you.

Cygnar and Khador can do fast, but it needs more dedicated work.

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As Michael said the contents of the Cadre box are monstrosities and warriors, but the next Orgoth Army (which will be compatible with the contents of the Cadre box but not the Sea Raiders models) will use Warbeasts. We don’t know much beyond that, presumably there will just be an alternate version of the Cadre leader that has Fury instead of Focus since they’re just different entries in the App.

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So if I’m getting this right,

There are Nations,

Each nation has 2 factions that can’t be used together,

There are cadres that will work with both “sides”

Is that right?

There are Factions (Cygnar, Khador, Dusk, Orgoth, etc)

Each Faction has one or more Armies (Storm Legion, Winter Korp, House Kallyss, Sea Raiders, etc).
Armies do not have any overlapping models at this time*; two Armies from the same Faction are essentially completely independent groups of models as far as rules are concerned.

Each Faction has one or more Cadres (Storm Forge, Annihilation Cadre, Ghosts of Ios, Curse Bound, etc). Cadres are a single Leader and a handful of other models that can be used by multiple Armies within a Faction. So the models in the Curse Bound Cadre for Orgoth are playable in a Sea Raiders list the same as any Sea Raiders models and they will be playable in the next Orgoth Army.

There are also Mercenary models which work for a number of different Armies.

So what that means is that if you like Sea Raiders you can buy just Sea Raiders stuff and have a totally playable force. If you like the look of Curse Bound you can buy that box and add them to your Sea Raiders force. If they start showing off the next Orgoth Army (they’ve told us the name but I just can’t remember it lol) and you don’t like the look of it that’s fine because it has nothing to do with most of the models you own. If you do like them then that’s great, the Curse Bound models you already have will work with them so you already have a place to start.

*There are hints that the newest Winter Korp warcaster (the one riding a bear) will be playable in the next Khador Army “Old Umbrey” so I’m not sure at the moment how true this will be in the future.


Ok sweet yeah that’s sort of what I thought. Just don’t know the lingo :sweat_smile:.

Deffo hard to pick just off minis, all of them have absolute wins and a lot of fine.

I think when we get cygnar grave diggers like back in the day I’ll be grabbing them for sure, but I’m less fussed about storm legion

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For sure. In-universe all Armies in a Faction are obviously on the same side, the Army distinction just helps with game balance by keeping models with a similar theme in smaller groups than the old Faction format.

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Oh yea I’m all in on new Gravediggers, they look incredible from the art we’ve seen. I’m not particularly excited about Storm Legion or the Storm Forge Cadre, hoping we get a Gun Mage Cadre at some point in the future

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Oh gun mages are sweet as hell aye.