More ricochet questions: attack types…

I have a few questions but they stem from one about ricochet, so I’d like to start there.

In unlimited Cygnar Caine2 & and Ace notably have ricochet as an option for their attacks. They also have other rune shot options. My question is whether you can choose a rune shot option (other than ricochet) for the ricochet shot. For example, can Ace pick thunderbolt for the ricochet (additional) shot?

Caine2, although the rules have superficially stayed mostly the same, now has reload (1) for his stormspell pistols. (Compared to infinite in previous versions.) The feat remains the same (a cumulative +1 to spellstorm pistol damage rolls for each successful hit on an enemy model) which initially appeared to be a dramatic decrease in the threat/impact of his feat. However, ricochet states that the extra shot is another ranged attack with this weapon. Implying that the additional ricochet shots count towards the feat. Since you can take Reinholdt in unlimited as well, Caine would potentially be able to make 10 ranged attacks between ricochet, reload and Reinholdt for a +9 to the damage roll on the final shot if everything hit and triggered correctly. Am I reading that correctly?

Finally and dependant on the answer to the first question, assuming you can choose thunderbolt as an option for the additional ricochet shot, does the push still work from Ace as the attacking model? (i.e. directly away from Ace.)

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I’ll take the case!

Relevant rules text:

Ace’s rules text is essentially the same, so I’ll reply based on Caine’s rules for now.

Can you pick another rune shot for the additional attack granted by Ricochet? Yes.

The Attack Type rule actually requires it, because it’s non-optional. Attack Type says “Each time this weapon is used to make an attack, choose one of the following special rules.” It doesn’t give you an option otherwise. :slight_smile:

Obviously, Ricochet’s limitations prevent you from using Ricochet again, so the additional attack has to pick either Black Penny or Critical Grievous Wounds.

Caine 2’s feat, for reference:

The short answer is: your analysis is correct.

The long answer is: Ricochet says "make another ranged attack with this weapon ", and Overkill checks for “ranged attack[s] that hit an enemy model”. Caine 2 only has Spellstorm Pistol ranged weapons, so therefore his feat applies to any attacks made with his Spellstorm Pistols.

Double-checking the math:

  • 2 initial attacks, each of which potentially generate 2 additional Ricochet attacks – 4 attacks total

  • Reload [1] on each of his pistols – 2 additional attacks, each of which also potentially generate 2 additional Ricochet attacks – 8 attacks total

  • Reloader from Reinholdt1, which allows Caine to make 1 additional ranged attack, which also potentially generates 1 additional Ricochet attack – 10 attacks total, with a cumulative +9 bonus to his ranged damage rolls because the first attack doesn’t benefit from the bonus

Ace is still the attacking model, so yes, that is correct. An enemy model hit by Ace’s Thunderbolt off a Ricochet shot will be pushed d3" directly away from ace.

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Thank you for the answers.

Seems quite powerful, although it requires you to jump through more hoops than before this version leaves Caine focus to play with and actually boost attack/damage rolls.

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Yes, the additional attacks require a rune shot to be chosen. It is prudent to not chose Ricochet as it doesn’t chain forever.

All of the attacks, including those from Ricochet, will apply to the feat total as they are from the weapon.