MonPoc 101 at Smashville University

Hello! I’m Daniel (SHE3PDOG), the creator of the community-driven Monsterpocalypse website, Smashville University.

If you’re new to Monsterpocalypse, or even if you just want some friendly advice on the game as a developing player, check out the MonPoc 101 page on the SmashU website. The rules and how-to video are linked at the top, and basic articles about the various models of Monsterpocalypse are presented below those. These articles start with a quick review of relevant in-game mechanics before diving in to how to use them. MonPoc 101 is a living page, so it is updated regularly. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, there might be something new there for you!

Go to the MonPoc 101 page by clicking here.


Great site! Best monpoc resource on the web!

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