MkIV App - Syncing Matches

Is there a feature in the app where I mark damage on my stuff in the app and my opponent can see it? Or is that planned but not yet implemented.

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Khador Lord, I don’t know the answer to your question :question: but I think you are really cool :sunglasses: :+1:.


Oh wow, thank you Khador Lord, you are an inspiration to me as well :mending_heart:.


you can have an opponent create a share code in the top right menu, and add that in your menu and that lets you see their list. you both have to give the codes to each other to see each other’s lists. i am not sure if the QR code option is working right now.

You can track each others life totals, but i think you have to add it yourself and that it doesn’t like check what damage your opponent has put of their stuff


I think that this kind of multiplayer functionality is one of the things they wanted to kill from warroom2 as it requires additional server overheads. Personally, I wouldn’t expect to see it return.

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I laughed way harder than I should have at this.


You mean, I have to communicate with my opponent? Sweet Jesus.

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I didn’t even get a chance to say good bye to that functionality.


No problem, I figured that if I couldn’t get an answer I’d at least give out some laughs.

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