Mirrored Prints?

I’ve been a bit perturbed lately that there’s no Alternate Pose warbeasts available yet for my Brineblood Marauders. I understand that these types of organic creatures are likely more difficult to repose than the more mechanical warjacks, but then it occurred to me, why doesn’t PP just offer mirrored prints of these models on their web store?

In most 3D printing slicers, or CAD software, mirroring a model is a one-click operation. I do it all the time with my own prints when I want an army to look a little more random, especially for multi-part kits with separate legs and arms.

The only objection I can potentially think of to this is that the right and left hand weapons would become switched, but I feel like that’s a mostly aesthetic distinction that I personally don’t care about. I would just play the rules as written on the card, and enjoy my alternately posed minis.

For the purists who would object to switching the handedness of their weapons configurations, I’ve found the majority of these weapons work fairly well swapped anyway. PP may even want to consider designing future sculpts with this kind of interchangeability in mind. Example mirrored in Photoshop attached.


I think perception is a big part of this. PP is a miniatures company and they need to be putting out good looking miniatures that people are excited about. Mirroring the print and selling that as a new SKU might be faster and might make some people happy, but it could easily be seen as lazy by fans after seeing the first 4 Armies get true reposes.

Indeed. If they’re going to bloat their SKU list, it should be justified by being actually new products.

Brineblood models are especially characterful, and simply mirroring them would not only look lazy, they might also feel “wrong”. Those hands and heads might end up in unnatural angles in a mirrored body, for example.

I do agree that alt poses would be welcome. Having two heavies and the Old Tentacleface all in identical air guitar poses is less interesting than having variety would be.