Mercenary Privateer Sea Dog-Press Gangers



I don’t know how people have the patience to do eyes and lips on every member of a unit lol. They look great


The legging pinstripes are really good too.

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He is my favorite of the gang, with his sinister smile.
Throwing people in his bag, like it or not.

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Looks good! Very colorful!

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Nice work, the faces are especially impressive!

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Me, I spend maybe a minute with eyes on tabletop miniatures. Paint the whole eye black, then aim tiny off-white dots at the corners. If I mess up, add a little more black where there’s too much white. It doesn’t need to look good from up close, because you’re likely looking at them from an upward angle from three feet away during a game. It’s sufficient to have some dark shadow with a glint of light in the general area of the eye.

Same with lips. A glaze of watered-down reddish color on the lower lip is a very quick thing to do, and really brings out the detail. On male characters without beards, a watered-down glaze of grey on the chin and around the mouth gives an illusion of a stubble.

Little things like that give the model a lot more character, and it doesn’t need to be painted to perfection.