Meat Thresher Questions

So I have a couple of meat threshers and I’d like to get at least one out there on the table soon. Initially I was going to role two with Helga 2 for shenanigans, but currently (correct me if I’m wrong) the only Legacy Prime Farrow caster that has anything worth giving the model is Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III.

I only have used the meat thresher once in the past and looking at it again there is a hodgepodge of rules. For the most part they’re straight forward, but I haven’t used them before so I’d like to straighten out a few questions.

Question 1.)

I know bulldoze is fairly common but I never really use it. Most of my armies are ranged focus and it generally doesn’t come up. When you charge, can you use bulldoze? Or does your movement end when you reach your target? It would be ideal to push deeper in to hit more models, but I’m not sure that works.

Question 2.)

If given overtake (from Carver), “Blood Reaper” allows you to hit everyone in your LOS and melee range. I believe this one is straight forward but still want to confirm. When you kill a model with this ability can you move forward and continue hitting models if you have overtake? My assumption is no, this is all one attack and I have to role them all out before moving. But just wanted to confirm that before walking away from a potential Diamond mine.

Question 3.)

For Thornfall Alliance (Legacy Prime) the models I see being the most beneficial to assist are:

  • Lord Carver (Quagmire improves accuracy, and feat provides overtake and additional damage)
  • The Wastelander (take a bullet/deflect, while sitting in Meat Thresher’s smoke his def is 19 against ranged so he’s likely to redirect shots)
  • Gobber tinker, (only way to fix)

Are there other models recommended to help Meat Thresher thresh meat? Or models that benefit from having one around?

Thank you!

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  1. Yes, you can indeed Bulldoze on a charge to get deeper in to the targets.

  2. You resolve all of the simultaneous Thresher (or similar rule) attacks at once and then Trigger other abilities. So, only 1 overtake after the attacks are all made.

  3. The Thresher is pretty independent. It used to be that a Swamp Horror giving it 2" Reach was good, but alas, that’s going to be Unlimited only (maybe?)


Thank you your response was perfect!

Regarding the first question, that’s good news I didn’t think that would work. As long as you move in straight line can you push multiple targets or just the first one you contact?

And yeah I had WWFF list lined up for that elasticity animus or whatever it’s called. Maybe someday in unlimited!

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Each model contacted can be pushed once, but there is * no limit to how often it can happen.

*Number of models on the table, spacing, time, etc.