Meat for the Beast

Can Kromac2 use corpse tokens to boost attack and damage rolls for the Sunder Spirit spell?

Meat for the Beast says „During its Combat Action“, and spells are not specifically called out in the explanation of Combat Action.
However, rulewise Kromac could cast a spell between his initial and additional attacks, whichvwould definitely be „during his Combat Action“.

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Rules as written, I think that would work. The rule only says “… can spend corpse tokens to boost one attack or damage roll for each token spent”, and never specifies what type of attack or damage rolls.

Also I imagine that you could cast a spell after moving but before making attacks, and say it’s during your combat action, but I’m not sure if there’s any wording that would prevent that.

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It is a bit tricky, because you can cast spells before moving. So it can be that you can only boost after you have completed your movement. But it is not really so clear in the wording.

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Combat action is your initial attacks no? I think additional attacks are separate combat actions.

That’s the main thing you want to see in the rules. Is it explicitly and clearly saying that doing the initial attacks and buying additional attacks are part of the same combat action.

Which I think it doesn’t.

That would more fit triggered effects like berserk.

The model’s Normal Movement must be resolved before you can spend corpse tokens due to Meat for the Beast.

A model’s activation is divided into two distinct portions: Normal Movement, and Combat Action.

Normal Movement is not complete until you have finished resolving one of these options:

You cannot spend corpse tokens to boost arcane attacks prior to Forfeiting, Aiming, making a Full Advance, Running, or Charging. :slight_smile: (And I wouldn’t try to do it after running or failing a charge, either. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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This seems correct, even though it is not the most intuitive interaction :grin: