Map of Corvis Scale

Does anyone have a idea on what the relative scale of the map of corvis might be in the back of the Legend of the Witchfire? I know its the same map as in the Requiem GM kit, but neither map has any kind of scale to it. I dont need anything exact just a ballpark figure.

I Figured it out!. Had to scour through the old Witchfire trilogy. Copying the map in The Legend of the Witchfire right out of the pdf, then using that to measure the Black River bridge, it was about 200 px. In the Old Wichfire Trilogy the bridge is given a length of 2800 feet. So doing the math that comes out to .07 px/feet.

Dont know how useful this is to anyone else, but there it is.

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I know this is an ask, but would you be willing to edit the image to drop a feet/mile reference on it? Maybe a mile, with lines at the quarters and half? And then post it?

If that’s too much trouble, no problem.

I dont know about posting the image from the book. It wouldnt take me long, but I would need to know if I have permission from PP just in case.

In the mean time, you can replicate what I did, but downloading gimp, its a free software, and doing the same thing.