Man-o-war unit and solos: buldoze and charge clarifcation

First case: Man-o-war solos charge an enemy model. He moves at least 3", is B2B with charged model, then he use bulldoze and push charged enemy model 2" directly toward and ends charge movement after bulldoze. In that moment solos is not in melee with charded model.
Did solos make a failed charge in that case?

Second case: Man-o-war unit charge an enemy model. The trooper moves at least 3", is in B2B with the charged model, and then uses a bulldozer and pushes the charged enemy model 2" directly towards and completes the charge movement after the bulldozer. After that other two models are placed. Placed models are in melee range with enemy model that was charged.
Did unit make a failed charge in that case?
Does two placed models have boosted dmg roll against charged model?

I can use bulldoze during Normal Movement of solos and units. I think that at the time the movement is completed, the charged model is out of range of the model that charged.

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In both cases it is a failed charge because the charging model did not end its movement in melee with the charge target.

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I actually don’t follow the examples.

When you say the bulldozed models are pushed “directly towards”, what do you mean?

Can you draw a diagram for these examples?

Sorry, I made mistake. There is directly away.

So I can move the most by the maximum range of the melee weapon, so as not to faile the charge.


Ya, just keep the target in melee range when you push it.

Can’t you continue moving after the bulldoze (if you have movement left of course), thus allowing you to follow the bulldozed model and get it back into range?

So, I think I get what you are asking. Whether the model fails the charge is dependent on whether the model bulldozed gets pushed out of the charging model’s melee range.

Because all the new Man-o-War models have RNG 1 on their melee weapons, you could charge a model → Bulldoze 1" (since Bulldoze is up to 2")–> continue charge movement 1" to finish its charge in B2B with its charge target.

The only question I have is if you charge an enemy that is between 2" and 3" away, can you use Bulldoze to bounce the model the extra inch to get the boosted damage?

Yes, bulldoze can allow you to charge 3" when you wouldnt otherwise be able to

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So, the most succinct answer to your question is:

Yes, if you Bulldoze the model outside your melee range, and you can’t advance any further, then yes, your model will fail its charge, because your model did not end its normal movement/charge movement with its target in its melee range.

However, because Bulldoze says “up to”, you get to pick the distance moved. So, don’t bulldoze your charge target out of your melee range. :slight_smile: