Magnus' Availability

Do we know when Magnus and the alt pose jacks will be available outside the PP store?

I asked. They wont be coming to other stores. You have to order from PP, or just convert your own replacement.

That sucks, ordering direct from PP is a nightmare, I always get stung for double VAT as they don’t mark VAT paid on the postage.

What do you do for that? Just a big old stamp on the side? Or another label with details? How does that work? I’m assuming you’ve contacted already?

Postage labels can just say VAT paid on them, the ones they use have the cost on the side, having the VAT listed would solve the problem.
The process for claiming the parcel with import charges then claiming them back is a pain.
I have some friends in the states, I’ll just get things posted to them and they can forward it.

Looking at the checkout it says they don’t collect tax for UK orders, however the checkout adds on 20% listed as tax, I’ve reached out to the front desk to check.

I’ve never had problems with VAT collecting ever since PP got their stuff together after the whole Brexit affair. But I’m on the continental Europe side, so this may be a UK-specific issue.

They deal with VAT for EU up front, it’s just the brexit mess causing issues (as usual).

Fwiw I ordered a pair of magnuses and didn’t have to pay import tax this end. The trick is to get your order above PP’s free postage threshold, and below the UK’s import tax threshold (£135).

@TomWiggins going to need to balance up 2 Magnus and a couple of the alt sculpt jacks, im sure ill figure it out.

I (EU) have had ordered from PP three times now. The first one was sort of a nightmare - the label didn’t state that I already paid the VAT, listed the full price for all the items that were 50% or 25% off and included models that sold out between me placing the order and it being processed. (PP refunded the VAT I already paid, but the package was still much more expensive than it should have been.)

The second order contained Magnus and didn’t cause any problems.

The third package is on its way, and I hope this one goes smoothly as well. But I’d really prefer it if I could buy releases like Magnus and the new battle engines at the store. (Kinda okay with the alt sculpts and individual units from the boxes being exclusive to the PP store.)

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Update: The third order (alt pose Tyrant and individual units) just arrived without causing any problems.

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