Lucas's Terrain

There are two sections in the hobby section; one for terrain and the other models. So, I guess I will split up my models from my terrain into different threads. Start off with a repost of stuff from the other thread:

linear obstacles shot


Also, some more stuff of mine. These are forest bases, water templates, and a rubble piece with some removable stone.


Next are a few pieces which I made with Warcaster in mind. I’ve got some buildings in the works, but nothing to really show off, yet.


These look great!! I especially like the flagstone ground base for the rubble area terrain - gives the ground some very interesting variation in texture while still keeping it easy to place models anywhere. I think i want to copy that idea for my terrain.

Thanks! I try to make terrain based around playability first and looks second. Making removable sections definitely goes a long way without compromising looks too much.

The stones are just a strip of pink-insulation foam that I cut up and glued down onto some MDF board.

Well done! These have a very iron kingdoms vibe to it. :clap:

Thanks! I have specifically made these pieces with Warmachine in mind.

Speaking of, I’ve done a bit more with the house stucco. Also testing out a new photo-taking setup. Taking pictures feels like it is much harder than it should be…


Having some buildings on the table can really give the game a feeling of the setting more then just some rocks and a wall or two! Awesome.

Especially when taking photos of minis. Light is weird