Looking For Songs To Play During Games Of Warmahordes

I would like to get the melodice page populated.

What feel are you going for? I feel like iron man by black sabbath works for warjacks, but it isnt really an ambiance song. What direction do we go?

I do not care. This is a community effort. Melodice is a site where people can put in songs for a growing playlist for a board game.

I’ve played with Lord of the rings scores playing, but I think adventure background music works best. Pirate players really should lean on Pirates of the Caribbean scores lol.

Well start adding songs to the Playlist!

Look up Thomas Bergerson’s music, and the group “Two Steps from Hell”. Amazingly epic music.

I know those two! Great suggestions.

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Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim and Transformers soundtracks.

You’ve got the touch. At least as long as you refer to the 1986 movie soundtrack, which is still epic.

If playing Khador Armored Korps, the only right choice would be Manowar.

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Oh, man, I can clearly imagine Orsus dancing with Lola and splitting skulls… “You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power.”, hahaha

Manowar has a song called Blood of Kings, I mean…
Lyrics mess my concentration a bit, but it’s quite easy to find instrumental versions.
I would definitely play on Warriors of the World and destroy some protectorate choir boys during the organ bit.

And don’t forget Iron Maiden for Convergence.

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Right at the beginning of Covid, I was able to use a large outdoor stage from work to host a small Warmachine event. As it was outdoors, people felt a lot safer doing games this way. We used the soundsystem to do a Spotify playlist of epic music, creating a really amazing experience.

Do you remember any of the track names?

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I have added suggestions from across the community.

Not offhand, but you are pretty safe choosing anything by them.

I just run big 3 hour playlists of epic battle music

Anything by Two steps from hell or hidden citizens usually works.
There are plenty of playlists on spotify.