Kishtaar's new feat confirmation

I wanted to ask you to please clarify/confirm that the new feat of Kishtaar has been amended as intended.

In the annual update’s notes, you wrote “Feat now adds one dice and drops the lowest…”.

In the app however, not only this change has been inplemented, but now only attack rolls, and not damage rolls, receive this boost.

The boost to ranged attacks damage rolls has been completely removed. Is this as intended?

I ask because it seems a very strong nerf, frankly speaking Kishtaar seems to be by far the weakest Orgoth warcaster now and would probably see far less play in competitive games.

If two dices and drop were too powerful for damage rolls (though I thought it counterbalanced by the caster being up in the field) maybe one dice extra and drop, like the Issyria of old has always been, could be reasonable?


Heck, one dice and drop choice of each would still be a strong nerf, but keep that crit fishing potential. Wouldn’t be a bad feat even if the repo was lost

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To be honest, two additional dice to damage rolls and drop two was bonkers-good. Even though it required the enemy model to be within Kishtaar’s modest CTRL of 10, the feat, with solid shooty army builds often seen with her, would wipe out anything that would threaten Kishtaar.

It may be that the nerf went too far, but I would recommend getting some practical experience before judging.

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Regarding intent:
A developer will need to confirm intent. We only see what you see. :slight_smile:

Regarding power level discussions:
“Add two drop the lowest” to both attack and damage rolls was by far one of the strongest offensive feats that has ever been in the game. The probability curve shifts so hard that the average 2d6 roll is, essentially, a 10 or 11 – effectively the same as boosting everything.

Boosting on top of that shifts every roll to the realm of “Wow, those are some hot dice”, and the crit armor piercing shots (very difficult to model on the fly this morning, so I’m not going to try) turns those hot dice into something truly gross. :slight_smile:

(For comparison: a feat that straight-up said “gain +5 to all attack and damage rolls” would be roughly equivalent to Kishtaar’s old feat.)

…seems like I had another comment, but it slips my mind. Oh well!

I’ve been putting off doing the math on it for months now (one of these months I’ll do it) but the crit chance on 4d6 pick 2 is somewhere around 70% and gets truly absurd if you boost to hit so thoae crit brutal jackal rifles got pretty obscene.


There was some confusion internally about the exact changes to the feat. We have it corrected now and it will show up with the next update.

Should say;

While in Kishtaar’s control range, models in her battlegroup gain gain Reposition [3"]. Additionally, while in Kishtaar’s control range models in her battlegroup gain an additional die on attack and damage rolls. Discard the lowest die in each roll. Pandemonium lasts for one turn. (At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, a model with Reposition [3"] can advance up to 3", then its activation ends.)


How aee you guys crit fishing? Doesn’t it say drop the two lowest? So a roll of 3 3 4 5 would end up being a roll of 4 5 not 3 3?

It used to be add 2, choose 2 to drop allowing you to crit fish very well while also being incredibly accurate, it changed to add 1 drop the lowest which adds about 10% to your crit chance. The comment you replied to is saying that if the feat changed instead to add 1, choose 1 to drop it would have the same accuracy as it has now but allow for a little light crit fishing.

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Septic answered your original question, but for reference even dropping lowest improves crit chance just by virtue of hitting more, even if it feels weird when it “ruins” a crit

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Based on what Loren posted, it seems the target enemy models no longer need to be within her CTRL, just the battlegroup models. So even though the effect is milder, the projected threat grew considerably.

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