Khador Firepower Question

So with the Mastodon rules being released, this brings up a question I’ve wondered for a while now. Why does no one use the Dozer on the Great bear? I also have never used it and just didn’t really think about why until the Mastodon was revealed and then I had to weigh the benefits of beat back with the grinder. I understand that, for the most part, the cost of the Dozer doesn’t hold up to the cost and usefulness of any of the other left hand weapons combined, but I also don’t think it’s bad at all. Getting 2 pow 15 shots and possibly 2 more inches of movement thanks to beat back on something as slow as a bear, and now the Mastodon as well, could be really interesting. Just curious what everyone else’s take on this weapon is I guess.

The Mastodon can not move extra with beat back because he can only move with his normal movement. I Prefer the Grinder over the dozer on the Mastodon. If i were to use the dozer on the great bear, i would use the resposition2 head aswell together with a grinder or a heavy cannon on the other arm. Move->shot->Push enemy 1" back->fall back 2" and have 13" between your great bear and the enemy and hopefully the enemy can’t charge you now.

That’s sort of what I was thinking too for the bear loadout, it honestly sounds kind of fun so I might try it out sometime. I misread the movement rule for colossals, so yeah, the dozer doesn’t seem super good unless your meta is all high armor.

from what ive played and seen used, people like the Slam/kd of the heavy cannon’s momentum to assist with other models attacking. Similar argument for the Mastodon once KD’d it assists itself with shooting with lower RAT.

The dozer does get used sometimes. The most typical time is if you want to make a double gun heavy cannon bear with Katerina. You get a RNG15 POW 16 momentum and two RNG10 POW 15s and can boost damage on all of them, with a repo head as icing.

But its rare to see it just as a random gun because if you want a melee jack with RNG10 shooting capability you can make a grinder battle axe (or fist) bear that is quite potent for 12-14 points, and the melee bears also love the shield for ARM 22 (and a pow14 gun)