Journeyman League Questions

Looking at the Journeyman League, I had a couple of questions and found some errors.

  1. Is the League only intended for the new MKIV armies? It doesn’t make mention of how to build a non MKIV army as they old ones don’t have load outs, Spell Walracks, etc.

1a) The force composition says “Warjacks” rather than Cohort model. Will this be updated/changed when Brinebloods come out? Or to allow for Legacy Warlock led armies?

  1. The scenario maps for weeks 3 and 4 appear to be switched with each other, as the current week 3 map has the small objective terrain.

  2. With scoring, the new “Once per game, score one point for doing any of the following…” section. Do you only score one of these once per game, or can each of them be scored once? If the latter, it should be clarified as the current reading seems to indicate this scoring only happens once.

  3. There are no distances or measurements included for the placement of scoring features. Are their locations specific, or general?

  4. Are the small terrain and large terrain features meant to be scored at different times? The small are scored at the start of the turn and the large at the end of the turn.

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Bumping for rules answer.

On it let me find out for you!

Hello Malkav13,

  1. We focused the Journeyman League on the new MKIV armies, though anyone can participate with Legacy armies as well. We just don’t have preconfigured forces for those armies, expecting most players who have Legacy armies likely don’t need guidance on Force building. Players using Legal armies naturally won’t be able to reconfigure spell racks and will need to select cohort models that have an equivalent cost to the warjack load outs in the Journeyman League doc if they want to keep points balanced.
    1a) Our intention is to do a dedicated Warlock-led Journeyman league doc for the upcoming armies.

  2. The maps most certainly did get switched! Thank you for spotting that. We’ll get those switched in the next update before anyone makes to Week 3!

  3. With regards to scoring, the intention is that each of those items can be scored once per game. We see some room for clarification there.

  4. Locations for terrain setup are meant to be general in order to keep things simple at this stage.

  5. Terrain objectives are scored at the end of a turn. Small objectives are scored at the beginning of a player’s turn.

Hope that helps!

Erik Reiersen


I am curious where the Journeyman League rules. Are they only on the app or can they be downloaded from the website?

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Only in the app, but they are in the free Core Rules.

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Got yah. I remember PP was talking about making a pc app. Are you aware if they are still doing that.

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There’s a plan for it still. Where it is currently at is unknown.

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gotcha I appreciate it.


As a follow up to the answer on #1… A Rhulic Guard Journeyman army would have quite a hard time to try and hit points in week 1 with one light and one heavy warjack. Is there flexibility in the number or types of 'jacks as long as you’re staying under points?

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The scenarios are built for the new Armies, although Legacy Armies can participate, provided they are comparable. So, yes as there isn’t a specific rule.

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