Jolly Roger's Trollbloods

First of all, I’m really happy about the comeback of the PP forum.
I wanted to start off with my personal Trollblood army. I started it over 10 years ago and “finished” it just recently.

Obviously, I’m not done with my collection but the project is on hold in the anticipation of Brineblood Marauders.

Here you can find post with individual photos.


Beautiful! I can sympathize with it taking 10 years…

This is a great looking army. I wish I could get my models looking this good. I’ve been painting for years but just can’t quite get that level of detail. This is about my best


To be perfectly honest it only took that long because of my procrastination. :smile:

It looks good. The goal is to push yourself with every miniature. There’s a lot of tutorials and resources to work with nowadays. I just started very early and never stopped painting. :slight_smile: