Join us for an online MonPoc Tournament!

Hey, everyone!

The Monsterpocalypse Discord is hosting the 16th online MonPoc tournament! New and returning players are welcome and encouraged.

Rounds will be played using the fanmade Tabletop Simulator mod and organized through the Monsterpocalpse Discord.

By tradition, the winner of the previous tournament, Vulnerus, will be our tournament organizer. His announcement follows:

Since it seems like Zeerox is close, may as well get the next event churning up!

I don’t want to rock the boat too hard all at once, so the next event will be largely similar to the past, but would like to offer a few simple changes to hopefully bring in some new folks.

  • Monsters and buildings are locked in, but units don’t have to be. Limit of 10 minutes to build and upload list prior to match start.
  • Returning to Swiss, with monster takedowns being a simple tiebreaker. If there’s still a tie the two remaining will duke it out in an extra finals match for the crown.
  • Matchups will be sent out Monday evening, there will be a total of 4 rounds. The first round will be a practice round that does not affect standings. Result submissions due by end of day Monday.

In addition to this, Smash U is officially sponsoring the event, offering some great prize support!!
First place will receive a printed incineration superhighway, and we will also be introducing a special Packleader trophy!
The player to invite and the greatest number of people who have not attended the last 3 TTS events, if those players stick around for all 3 matches, will receive a custom painted donut factory!

Please let me know if there are any issues or concerns with the current tournament settings, if everyone looks happy with it, I will start sign-ups tonight!

Thank you all for everything you do for the MonPoc community and I look forward to facing you on the table.

Sign up for the 16th online MonPoc tournament!

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How hard is it to play via TTS?

How hard is it to play via TTS

It is very easy. The mod is well-maintained, and the game lends itself to play through TTS as there aren’t any measurements to be taken or anything. If you’ve played anything on TTS before, you won’t have any problems, and if this is your first time using TTS, it is very intuitive and easy to learn. We also add 10 minutes to the standard Crush Hour clocks to help out.