It's WIP Wednesday!

Hmm, what about oil washes would make this easier? I have more than enough working time and control with thinned acrylics

Edit, for clarity the larger subassembly hasn’t gotten the white undertones yet that the panels will get. It just has a drybrush right now. I intend my runes to glow orange

Older WIP to show the end result


A heavy thinned down oil color will flow really well in all the crevasses.
There are tons of videos on YouTube if you search for „panel lining“ who show the process.
That can also be used for a white underground.

Ah, the payoff doesn’t seem worth the cost to me, but thank you!

Another not Wednesday update for WIP Wednesday!

Today I’ve got 2 Woldwardens, a Woldstalkers unit, a Well, and the Dragon of the West himself! A local was kind enough to pass on the thousand faces sword to me, so I’ll be having some fun with a little customization not seen much elsewhere!

Keep up the hobbying!