Is Death Strike an attack?

We have a rule discussion during a game when a satyxis blood witches (with Hag) use the Death Strike ability of his razor to make a pow 10 damage roll on a model under Inviolable Resolve.

Do we count the armor bonus in the case ? The weapon is blessed so it should and contrary to eleap or others, Death Strike is not notified as “not an attack”.

I would say it is an attack since all other instances of “not attack” has the text of “X damage rolls are not considered to have been caused by an attack”, but an infernal confirmation would be nice

Here’s the text of Death Strike:


Death Strike says to “choose” a model. It does not say to make an attack against a model.

Therefore, the “POW 10 damage roll” portion of Death Strike is not an attack. :slight_smile:


Couldnt that just mean that you can choose, therefore its still part of the attacks effect, so its still an attack, admonition is incredibly similar, but instead of choose its the closest D3 target

Its confusing, there are arguments for the damge roll being considered made by an attack or not

Michael is correct in the explanation