Iron kingdoms community hub migration


Hey all,

We want to let you know as of July 31st, this community hub will be migrating over to the Steamforged Discord, where there’s already a dedicated Iron Kingdoms channel. For more details, please check out this post.

Just to make sure: This means this forum here will close again, right?

That is the plan, yes.

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about it on the Steamforged Discord server. I’ve shared my own feedback as well. We’ll see how they respond, they’ve been pretty open to feedback so far.

For the record, I’d like to make a few points regarding using discord as a forum here:

  1. Discord threads are poorly organised as is; many discussions would require separate sub-threads to be set up for these discussions to take place, as otherwise there are going be several intermingled conversations in the same main thread that will make it impossible to find a particular topic of interest.
  2. Discord posts seem to be difficult to hyperlink (this may be my lack of familiarity with discord, however), which can make longer posts or series of posts difficult to organise (I’d like to offer one of my own threads as a case in point, which starts with a hyperlinked table of contents: Morgan's Iron Kingdoms Gearbooks: FMF Liber Mechanika).
  3. Discord posts are very short compared to forum posts here and offer limited formatting options, which can be a problem for matters like adventure material or other content suggestions like mechanika, magic or creatures (I have in the past year always posted links to posts in this forum on discord instead of putting entries on discord directly, except for short summaries).
  4. Related to the previous point, linking to PDFs on other sites seems to me to be a poor substitute for getting a post you can read directly and comment on without any fuss, including quoting and hyperlinking sections of a post you would like to discuss further.
  5. This may again be my unfamiliarity with discord, though I have received similar requests from others on this forum, but finding and joining a server on discord seems to be non-trivial, as I have been asked to send other users invitations to the old Privateer Press server on discord before.
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I am with you on all points. One thing that is important to mention, is, Discord appears to now have a feature they call forums. Whether it lives up to its name is to be determined.

Apparently, their current strategy is to open forums by topic (guides, rules, battle reports, …). I have asked @pps_Loren on Discord, whether it would be possible to have an “iron-kingdoms-community” forum for all the other topics and discussions that don’t fit into any of those predetermined ones.

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I think these discord forums need to be more overt, right now I don’t see an obvious button over there that lets me access them.

Oh sorry, I meant I asked for them to be created but have not heard back yet whether this will happen.

I correct myself. The forum is there and is called “croniclers-journal”. I just did not understand it to be the community forum.

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