Iron Gauntlet painting requirements

I know there are painting requirements for playing in the Iron Gauntlet but I haven’t been able to find them defined anywhere. My assumption is that models need to be painted with no primer showing. My question is on basing though. Does the base need to be painted/done up nice or is just an empty black base acceptable?


For what it’s worth: I don’t believe the Iron Gauntlet itself has any painting requirements.

Reference: Iron Gauntlet - Privateer Press

Individual conventions might have painting requirements. Adepticon, famously, has its own painting requirements.

The default Steamroller 2023 rules, which (unless I am quite mistaken!) are used to adjudicate these events, do not have any painting requirements.

The Warfaire weekend website specifies it: The Iron Gauntlet - WarFaire Weekend | Nov 3–5, 2023

Thanks! I didn’t think to check that site.

“Fully painted” is usually understood to include the base. But as long as there are no quality requirements, 30 seconds spent with white glue and sand per base should suffice. A blank black base (possibly with paint spots from painting the model) makes the whole look quite unfinished.

If this was a GW game, you could try painting the bases Goblin Green and call it “classic style”. But that probably requires more effort than glue & sand.