Iosan Terrain Pack for 3d Printing

I will take a look once I get home!

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Looks like it’s good on my end! Sorry, been a little hobby crazy trying to get everything at least assembled for Rocky top!

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Awesome, then I’ll update the available files.

Thanks for helping with the troubleshooting, it is appreciated!

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First piece printed. That thing is huge!
I’m glad that the little damage details came out.

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Awesome! Yeah, I was a little worried that these details would get lost in the print, but it is working better than expected.

And yeah, these towers got some height to them. They should draw some attention to the tables at conventions! Mixing a tall tower or two with smaller buildings, nice woods and the smaller scatter terrain like the obelisks and such should give the table some cool layered verticality.

It’s getting bigger!
Good fit on the stackable pieces.


We need to stop this senseless stone-on-stone violence.

Awesome pic!


Old Wold Wrath just wanted to give a big hug!:smile:

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Hazzy for scale


That came out great!

Hazoreth may be a bit too tall for the tower. Dude has it worse than ol’ Nicodemus did.

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Ok now I have it completed too:

It printed great, all connections fit perfect. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this!

It’s 53cm height and 615g weight.
Now I have to paint it…


It looks dope! Glad to hear it worked out well in the printing process.

I am so looking forward to seeing these things painted!

Ok, I got it painted! It will make a wonderful table. Thank you so much for sharing this.

@WorkbenchManiac : And if you manage it to travel the 95km to my home you are welcome to play some Warmachine with it. :wink:


Oh, that’s a very cool colour scheme!

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This looks really awesome!

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Thanks guys. It’s my first try on „natural“ stone texture. Done with the airbrush and masking with wet wipes.
The goal was to give it an eye catching cool look without spending too many hours on it.

@SilentMunk: Did you start painting your tower already?

Looks amazing! We’re getting our on the painting table soon, preferably this and next weekend.

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The one above is for an order for our sister meta, so I won’t be painting that one and my printer is pretty tied up until I finish the order and can print another. You best bet I’ll post photos when I can! I want to do a pair with the bridge pieces

Two towers connected with the bridge will be truly epic!
It’s huge terrain you can actually play under it.

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Oh wow, that looks great. Love the colors.

Still wild that you turned out to live basically next door. You know what, I will take that as inspiration to paint a Dark Host army and then I might just take you up on that!