Iosan Terrain Pack for 3d Printing

In collaboration with Paul from Tried and True and in an effort to get more awesome terrain onto Warmachine tables in MK IV and to really immerse ourselves in the different settings of Immoren I made a terrain pack for 3d printing that depicts the elvish nation of Ios.

Grab the model files by following this link!

I hope you get some use and enjoyment out of my work, and I would love to see the results if you do!


You made these free??? Man, you’re the best


I was following the development of these on the Discords with awe. Amazing work!

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Nothing short of an excellent contribution to the community!

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If you’re familiar with Bulldozer Terrain pieces, I think it’s worth showcasing the sizing difference at play here

Printing now!

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Thats awesome, definitely going to need to get these printed up

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That’s great - thanks a lot!
Will definitely print some of these.:star_struck:

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Thank you for sharing this with the community! I can’t wait to see these on the tables!

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These look incredible!

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Cheers guys, I am glad the effort was worth it!

I try lol

Now y’all get printin’ and paintin’! And don’t forget the photographin’ either, I am taking my payment in pictures!

And I had a few chats with Tom Wiggins from Bulldozer Terrain, actually. Lovely chap. Very cool to see that size comparison, that thing is a capital-T Tower. Don’t try to print the whole thing at once though, there is a reason these things are modular.

It is my pleasure! I hope we can get a bit of a community resource thing going like this.

And I am very much looking forward to what people create from these files, too.


These things look fantastic, great job!

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Currently printing bed 2 for one of the towers!

From the first print


That is coming along great! I am glad all the little scuffs in the stone show up even in FDM printing, I was worried they might not.

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It’s so cool! Still try to figure out the recipe for the towers.
Is it Base + either of the storey 1 + either of the storey 2 + either of the roofs?

Any idea why the print is trying to bridge here? It does it a couple of times on that file as the print goes up. I didn’t catch it the first time, and managed to spaghetti myself because of it :sweat_smile:

Edit: I did get it solved with netfab, might be worth checking into the geometry?

I am not too familiar with FDM printing, I only print in resin myself to test the miniatures I sculpt, so I am not familiar with the terminology or the slicing software for FDM machines.

I’m assuming the issue is that blue area inside the base segment in the first picture? Is it trying to fill that in? The folks that did the test prints for me didn’t encounter that issue so far. Can you give me some more info on what seems to be the problem at what point in the print, so I can try to find the issue in the mesh?

Yes, that is the most basic recipe. But feel free to stack the things however you like. Make shorter towers, make taller towers, whatever works for you.

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I’m sad to say I’m not familiar enough with sculpting to really understand what’s going on here. Maybe there’s a flipped normal im not seeing? Netfab in prusaslicer fixed the issue without giving me any kind of data on the issue.

Even without displaying the geometry visably, a couple different fdm slicers I tried are interpreting that blue space as geometry that needs to be printed (thus bridging the gap below that). It was too long of a bridge for my printer to handle, as it’s a pretty long distance to extrude filament out over thin air. I’m not sure what’s causing it in the main file, but I’m guessing some artifact of the sculpting process?

I wish I could be of more help. These are awesome and I’m wanting it to be smooth for others as well!

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For the location of the issue, its where that darker band shows up on the inside face in the preview above. It seems to be trying to print that whole area as if it were a block of material over the airgap underneath almost like those dark gray walls were the inside bounds of a box within the central hole, rather than outside boundaries like the visible geometry would suggest (outside meaning outer surface of the part, it’s a little hard to describe what I’m meaning in this context, curse you language!) Basically, from what I currently understand a flipped normal to be, that dark band of an area seems to me to have flipped normals. Maybe the slicers your testers were using handled these more gracefully than mine did

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Workbench Maniac. Will be blunt with you. I am grateful you exist. Great personal values you should be proud of yourself.


[quote=“SilentMunk, post:18, topic:1692, full:true”]
Basically, from what I currently understand a flipped normal to be, that dark band of an area seems to me to have flipped normals.[/quote]

It is a good guess, but upon checking it, that’s not the issue.

All faces with normals pointing outwards are highlighted blue. The difference in shading in the render is due to the different angle of that section, the hollow part narrows a bit to support the “lip” on top.

So I stripped off all the adornments, the bricks, the windows, and so on to see if I could find something else. And I did find something!

The areas behind the windows had flipped normals.
Please try and see if this resolved the issue, I uploaded the mesh here:

If this resolved the issue in your slicing software, I’ll update the file on 3dcults. If not, I’ll have to do more sleuthing for the problem.